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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cast off!

Winston's cast came off today! This happened a day later than had seemed probable because the Te Kuiti docs wanted us to double-check with specialists at Waikato Hospital. So we went to Hamilton today for fracture clinic.

The clinic folks were friendly and efficient and concluded that his spiral-fractured tibia has healed enough to give him an opportunity to re-start walking on it. (Incidentally, this is at least the second time this week that we have had excellent, fast service from a public organization. A few days ago I phoned the NZ Inland Revenue's 0800 number with a tax question, had the phoned answered by a human within seconds, and a straight answer about a minute later. Cheers! (Goodness, I'm starting to sound like a letter to a local paper)).

Just ten minutes ago he stood with both feet on the ground; I supported him under the arms.

He and I had a lovely morning in Hamilton together. The weather was sunny and warm with blue skies. We went into the city centre after we had finished at the hospital and bought a couple of treats. He deserves them. Golly, has he been patient and adaptable during the last six weeks, insisting on getting around my himself during his play... such as one memorable morning when he moved each of his toy tractors in turn from bedroom to living room, scooting there and back I don't know how may times on his butt!

Vera picked us up from Hamilton on the way back from her teaching in Auckland -- it had been an early start for all of us this morning! -- and we were back home by 1.30pm.

So thanks to Te Kuiti and Hamilton hospitals for helping Winston so far, thanks to everyone for your get-well support and wishes... and thanks, Winston, for being so terrific!


At 5:48 AM, Blogger Nik said...

Excellent news! Good they can come back so quickly from something like that. At the rate he goes it's only a matter of time before ours breaks something.


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