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Hi. How are you? We're a family of three who moved to New Zealand from Seattle in July '05. We sold or gave away pretty much everything except what we could carry onto the 'plane. We thought we'd write a bit about it. We'll love it if you can join us for a few moments.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Riveting reading

Tuesday was very wet and cloudy right after the sun and blue skies of the Easter four-day weekend. Today is warm with cloud cover and sunbreaks. Winston is next to the front door on the lime driveway scooping the stony chips into his toy digger, because yesterday's heavy rains made the lawn too wet. Vera is out training for her new, second job, which is a lot nearer home than her Auckland work.

Winston and I are both pretty nearly recovered from the throat bug we have both had for a couple of weeks: blimey, it did stick around.

Had a nice visit yesterday from the real-estate company who dealt with selling us the cottage. They brought the spare key and a wicker basket that was full of lovely relishes, choc eggs, bits and pieces and a card. Very nice but it makes a bloody big key ring :-)

That's about it so far today. We really set the blog alight some days with these thrilling entries, don't we? ;-)

Oops, hang on. Stop press. I've just posted today's entry but felt obliged to come back to report another chapter of rollercoaster excitement:

have you ever had a pair of disposable kids' training pants split open on you? Not that you'd be wearing them, I mean, but you might -- like I -- have been changing your child and had to deal with it. As you know, Winston was just outside playing and I noticed a wet spot on his trousers that shouldn't have been there so soon after he'd put a fresh pair of disposable trainers on (we sometimes have him in these during the day because keeping him dry is important right now even though his broken-leg cast is waterproof). So I investiagted and, golly, it was a bit as though a bean bag factory had exploded... the covers had split apart at the seams and some of the absorbent stuff had spilled out over him. I've heard dark things about what happens if you prise open one of those magnetic sketch machines, and I reckon that these training pants run them a close second. I think -- I hope -- it was just a rogue pair. Anyhow, I suppose it's an excellent track record that this has never happened to us before. Er... yay.


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